Yogi Ram Sunthar, the founder of Universal Kriyaa Babaji Yoga Sangam (UKBYS), with centres all over the world. He is the direct disciple of Yogi SAA Ramaiah, whose sat guru is the legendary Maa-Siddar Babaji.

In 1979, Yogi S.A.A Ramaiah visited London and initiated Yogi Ram Sunthar of Sri Lanka into Babaji’s kriya yoga. At that time, Yogi Ram Sunthar was pursuing his final year B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics and computing degree at the University of North London.

In 1989 as directed by Yogi SAA Ramaiah, Yogi Ram Sunthar left London to India with his family and lived a yogic life with Yogi SAA Ramaiah, in his Madras (Chennai) Ashram and Kanadukathan (Chetti-Nadu) Ashram and worked with Yogi SAA Ramaiah in his Babaji Holistic Hospital (alternative therapies) for five years. During this time Yogi SAA Ramaiah rigorously trained him in the field of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

After the Nirvi-Kalapa-Samadhi of Yogi SAA Ramaiah, Yogi Ram Sunthar established Babaji Yoga Centre, at No2, Salisbury Road, Manor Park. East London, UK, and trained more than 800 people in yoga for the benefit of mankind.

Yogi Ram Sunthar established an ideal Ashram, and a yoga based school at Aavaloor, near Thiruvannamalai, South India. All yoga students are welcome to live and practice yoga sadhana in our Ashram, one of the most beautiful places on earth, surrounded by ten mountains and a river behind. And in Karai-Nagar, Jaffna,Srilanka. Also Keerimalai Jaffna. Now todate many Babaji Ashrams are flourishing around the world, to name a few: Toronto Canada, Nova scotia Canada, Switzerland, Tron Norway and Madeira.

In 2004, Yogi Ram Sunthar left London for Sri Lanka to help with the Tsunami victims and established an orphanage with the help of Enlightenment Circle-an arm of Saiva Munnetta Sangam (UK), in Batticaloa, in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka, where he also worked with Swami Murugesu of Sri Lanka. During this time, Yogi Ram Sunthar practiced Gayathri Mantra Sadhana with him.

In November 2006,after the Maha-samadhi of his guru Yogi SAA Ramaiah, Yogi Ram Sunthar, established “The Universal Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam”.

(UKBYS) The foundation's aim is to promote the five-fold path of kriya yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra and Devotion). To develop ones physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual bodies respectively. Towards this end, Yogi Ram Sunthar has trained many of his students worldwide to become yoga teachers to promote health and well being to all.

In 2007, Yogi Ram Sunthar performed a peace yagam (fire ceremony) in India to bring peace to Sri Lanka and to the world. This was attended by over 1500 people and presided by a devotee of Babaji, Vellai Ananda Swami of Karumari Patti, Thiruvannamalai, South India, who did intensive yoga sadhana for 12 years without food or water.

In 2008, Yogi Ram Sunthar performed another peace yagam (fire ceremony) in the UK, with the help of the Enlightenment Circle-an arm of Saiva Munnetta Sangam (UK), to bring peace to Sri Lanka and to the world. Over 400 people attended this peace yagam, blessed by Babaji and the 18-siddhas.

People may come and people may go. But my mission goes on forever and ever.

Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi Aum. Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum.

Kumbha mela 2010 in Haridwar INDIA

The Kumbha mela trip to Haridwar and the North Indian pilgrimage tour covering Babajis Cave, Joshimath, Rishikesh ended with a grand success. We began the trip on 12th March from Delhi and returned back on 24th March to Delhi completing the pilgrimage.The images taken by everyone during the trip have been collected and published in our Image Gallery.