Babaji's Kriya Yoga

KRIYA YOGA, a form of Raja Yoga, is the same science that the great LORD SHIVA gave millenniums ago to his Shakthi PARVATHI DEVI at Amarnath, in Kashmir. Very slowly but steadily the world is taking to SCIENTIFIC MYSTICISM or KRIYA YOGA. The goal of kriya kundalini Yoga is Soruba Samadhi

Yogi Shiva Initiating Parvathi-Devi (His Yoga Shakthi) into Kriya Kundalini Pranayam at Amaranth, Kashmir Himalayas. The birth of Kundalini Pranayam and kriya Siva yoga Siddhantham. Ancient Great Tamil Nadu included the Kashmir Himalayas. ……….This picture is from Babaji’s Man, Life, Death and After By my Guru Yogi SAA Ramaiah & VTN…last page.

Since pre-Cretaceous times there was the lost great continent of Kumari Kandam (Cormorin Continent) consisting of Peninsular India (Tamil Nadu), South Africa, South America, Australia, Sri Lanka etc. Tamil Nadu of Peninsular India has always been in the same position right through these Geologic ages and other continents drifted away. The land mass from the north moved towards Peninsular India and the huge masses and strata of alluvium from the Vindhya Mountains of ancient Tamil Nadu were crushed and thrown into the famous tectonic lofty Mountain Range of the Himalayas which is called Himaya Parvatham in ancient Tamil literature.

Here in a lofty cave which is big enough to accommodate St. Peter’s Cathedral — Yogi Shiva taught Kundalini Pranamaya to His Shakti, Uma Devi. This is the begining of Siva-Yoga-Siddantham. A crow listened to this Kriya yoga initiation and became immortal as the famous Crow-Siddha, Kakkapushendeswar. A fish listened to this great initiation and became Macchindra Nath (Maccha Muni), the fish Siddha who is one of the nine Nath Sadhus to develop the Fish Pose. That is the age of Tamil Yoga Saiva Siddhantam is millions of years! Modern scientific research work is heading towards it


Gauri Shankar Peetam: Babaji’s Ashram in the Himalayas in Uttra Badri.


Established in 1936. In the mean time Yogi  Sivananada Saraswathi also established an Ashram (Divine Life Society) in the Himalayas ……………This picture is from Babaji’s Man, Life, Death and After By my Guru Yogi SAA Ramaiah & VTN…page A40

A disciple of Babaji attains Soruba Samadhi (Immortality) in the Himalayas…….……….This picture is from Babaji’s Man, Life, Death and After By my Guru Yogi SAA Ramaiah & VTN…Page ..A24




Annai Nagaluxmi Devi, Babaji’s Kriya Sadhana Shakthi worshipping Master Babaji’s feet at Babaji’s Ashram in “Gowri Shankar Peetam”




Babaji confirmed his Birth Place to Yogi SAA Ramaiah and the Kriya Yoga tradition Babaji Promoted

thro yogi SAA Ramaiah is “Shiva Yoga Siddantham”

 At the age of fifteen Babaji became a renowned Sanskrit scholar. Discontent with his early success and destined for a greater end, he sailed by boat to the powerful shrine of Kathir-kamam on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. For 18 months he plunged into meditation and analyzed the different philosophical systems threadbare.


Babaji Shrine in Kathirkamam, Sri Lanka 

Here in Kathir-Kamam he was  fortunate to meet one of the 18-siddas called Boganathar or Bhogar. Drawing inspiration from this great Siddha of Science, Boganathar, he was able to appreciate and understand the full significance of Siddhantha,Yoga and Samadhi and he accepted the challenge of attaining (Soruba-Samadhi or immortality)



Bogar (Boganathar)



Agastyar Maharishi (Kumba-Muni) (Kuru-Muni)

As directed by Bhogar and following the inner call, he wandered throughout South India and was initiated into the mysteries of Kundalini Yoga by the great Tamil Siddha, Agastyar Maharishi at Courtrallam. As directed by sage Agathiyar he retired to a lonely Himalayan cave, at Badrinath, and remained absorbed in intensive Yogic sadhana for years at a stretch, finally to emerge LAUGHING AT THE LIMITATIONS OF DEATH (sorupa-samadhi).  ”soruba samathikku adayalam ethu entrakkal chudar polak kanumeda thula thekam”…siddas

The immortal Babaji made his own contributions to the nucleus given him by Sage Agastyar, renamed it “Kriya yoga” and has retained his form through the centuries tapping many, speaking to a few and materializing to give darshan to his saintly chosen. For centuries he worked behind the scenes as the source of inspiration and guidance to past – Kriya Masters like Adi- Shankara, Kabir Das, Lahiri Mahasaya, and many others. Thus He is the climax of the Eighteen Tamil Yoga Siddhas tradition, which includes Thirumular, Ramadevar, Kumbamuni, Konkanavar, Sattamuni, Karoovurar Sundaranandar, Valmiki, Nandidevar, Paambati, Boganathar, Macchamuni, Patanjali, Dhanvanthri, Goraknath, Kudambai and Idaikadar. (see pictures in the home page).


Babaji's Sadhana Shakthi Annai Nagaluxmi Devi 

(Attained Soruba-Samadhi in Kaasi (Varanasi) or Benaris)


Amman pranavanandar (Babaji's uncle) also attained soruba samadhi


Yogi SAA Ramaiah: direct disciple of Babaji


About 1800 years ago (203 A.D.), in the  Badrinath Himalayas  was born the mission of Kriya Babaji, when he attained soruba-samadhi (immortality) through his new Raja Yoga techniques, known as KRIYA yoga. Kriya yoga is also called Panjanga Yoga, meaning five fold path (Asana+Pranayama+dhyana+Mantra & Bhakthi). Vaasiyogam is another name for kriya yogam in Tamil.

Master Babaji remained in the background and played his part in the salvation of suffering humanity by initiating great souls like Kabir Das in the 15th century and Acharya Sankara in the 19th century.

Then  he came more to the forefront by initiating his favorite disciple, Lahiri Mahasaya, in the 19th century in the Drongiri Mountain, Himalayas and entrusting him with the task of spreading the soul-saving Gospel of Kriya yoga as a householder-saint.

After this, one of Lahiri mahasaya’s disciples, Sri Swami Yukteswar, who had met the Kriya Mulaguru thrice in flesh and blood, kept the torch of Kriya yoga burning with an English publication “The Holy Science” and a number of Sadhu Sabah centers.

Yukteswarji passed on the mantle to the fore-ordained disciple, Paramahamsa Yogananda Giri, who carried the message to America and established about 90 branches all over the world


Yogi Ram Sunthar


After his A/Level studies in Srilanka, went to London Uk for higher Studies at North London (UK) University, Bsc (Hons) Computing & Mathematics. Fortunately met Yogi SAA Ramaiah, in 1979 during Yogi SAA Ramaiah's visit to India via London from USA.  After yogi Ramaiah’s Maha-Samadhi in 2006 Yogi Ram Sunthar, his direct disciple for over 24 yrs, is continuing to spread, with Babaji’s grace the Science of Kriya Yoga all over the world.




Melanie Ram Sunthar

(Yogi Ram Sunthar’s wife & life partner). Melanie is a direct disciple of yogi SAA Ramaiah (yogiar). She Lived in India for over 8-years and in Sri-Lanka for over 4- years and practised Babaji’s kriya yoga under the guidance of Yogiar. She travelled with yogiar to Australia, Malaysia and Sri-Lanka many times. She was first initiated into Babaji’s kriya Kundalini yoga by Yogi SAA Ramaiah in 1979 in the UK. After graduating from University of North London (BA..(Hons), Philosophy), she completed her post graduate diploma PGCE at the university of London (Whiteland’s College).

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