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Babaji’s five fold path of yoga:  by Yogi Ram Sunthar & Melanie Sunthar


I congratulate the author on producing a concise and informative book on Kriya Yoga. The historical perspective on the great personality of Babaji is very welcome for those new to this philosophy.

This book clearly outlines the important rules for Kriya Yoga including Hatha Yoga warm up excercises and the importance of pose and counter pose. Each of the 18 asanas is carefully explained with the medical conditions that will benefit from them. Caution is also given when necessary.

This comprehensive book has a holistic approach to health. There are informative sections on (pranayam) Yoga Breathing, meditation (dhyanam) and the Chakras of the vital body. It also details the anatomy of yoga giving the student a clear understanding of the workings of the human body. There is very useful section on Yogic diet and how it supplements the benefits of the other aspects of Kriya Hatha Yoga.

I thoroughly recommend this book on ”Babaji’s five fold path of yoga  and no doubt  many students will benefit from the knowledge and regular practice of yoga which this book will encourage you to do.  Not just the first time you pick up the book but for a long time after.

Dr P. Sharma B. Sc.; M.B.Ch.B. ( Manchester); M.F.Hom.