Kumbha mela 2013 in Allahabad

Yogi Ram Sunthar and Babaji's Kriya Yoga group made a pilgrimage to Kasi (varanasi) and to Allahabad for the Kumbha Mela in Alahabad 2013

and to Ujjain Kumba Mela in 2016.


Ujjain 2016:

2016 has been a pivotal year for UKBYS . 

On a personal note . I was going through a spiritual crisis . Whether to become monastic or not . I prayed deeply one night for direction and the next day the answer was given .My  ticket had been paid by Kandavel and Priya , to the Himalayas for the installation of Annais's statue in a temple on a remote hill where the Legendary Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata had wondered in another Yuga !! It was clear that my path was with Kriya yoga and the thought of monastic life has vanished but not the desire to be forever in deep communion with God and to serve Master ! 


April / May 2016 . One glorious month in the Himalayas witnessing the installation of Lord Murugan in ................ And then Annai Nagalakshmi in Pandava kolli .Yogi and I were privileged  to be able to chant our Bija mantras 108 times for Divine mother whilst offering  our oblations of ghee covered wood into the fire . Kandavel tapped by master ! We will , with masters grace lead a pilgrimage there in September 2020 as part of the char dam pilgrimage !


We were blessed with being able to have a sacred dip in Ujjain  at the Kumbha Mela with Mouni baba on the first Snan . Being present on the first day of the opening of Kedarnath and the first day of the opening of Badrinath !! Jai Babaji !!! I'm talking about synchronicity , the small miracles of life !

Our stay  At the kumbh Mela in Ujaain was to be only three days . In the evening of our arrival (the group was about 12 ) we wondered down to the kshiprariva for a dip  having no plans just being open to the possibility of life . Our route back to the hotel took us past a large compound and there we spied Ice Baba whom we had met at the Aallahbad Mela in 2014 ?  Please understand that the Mela grounds cover acres and the likely hood of  this meeting was let's say vert slim maybe 1/1000000 !! We were all happy to be reacquainted and Baba invited us back the next day for Lunch and to see Mouni Baba his Disciple and adopted son . Feeling highly elated by this meeting we returned to the hotel and rested well . The next day having visited the MahakaleshwarJotirlinga Temple in the morning we joyously met Mouni Baba and to our delight were invited to join him the following morning at 2am for the first Snan and a chance to process wth the Naga Sadhu's to the bathing ghat . We all felt so blessed and thanked the master for his loving care in providing us with this amazing experience . The thrill of the forthcoming events made getting up at 1am easy and we were soon wending our way through the crowds in the Mela ground to meet Mouni Baba . As soon as we reached his makeshift ashram than he was off naked and smeared in ash but this time without ice Baba towards the special camp set out for the Nagas before the dip . Each sect was there with their followers . The dhunis were lit and the Sadhu's finished their rituals and drank tea !! Mouni Baba left but not without leaving instruction for us on how to join the procession . We watched him  standing in the front line of thousands of Nagas . They ran off for their dip and we followed as part of the procession slowly making our way to the sacred river . Among other great souls we glimpsed and waved to Swami Nityananda as he sat on his palanquin .