Yogi Ram Sunthar with his Guru Yogi SAA Ramaiah

Yogi SAA Ramaiah (Yogiar) and me

Mount Tron (Norway) Pilgrimage & Anthar Kriya Yogam (Spiritual Retreat)

Yogi RamSunthar and group of 20 from London visit the Mt.Tron University of Peace to perform Anthar Kriya Yogam along with 35 students from Oslo.

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oubt Tron Pilgrimage in Oslo, Norway:

All are welcome to this Spiritual Retreat in Tron Mountain Norway. We will be staying in small cottages in a lovely complex at the base of the Tron Mountain which is a highly energised area with intense spiritual vibrations. This mountain has been the home of the disciples of Sri Ramakrishna for more than a hundred years and we shall have the privilege to have sat sang with the swami’s currently residing on the mountain. Kriya yoga initiated people will have priority over others. A small group of 20-people from London will be flying to Oslo Norway where we will meet our Norwegian sahaks, and then travel by private bus to Gowri-Shankar-Peedam in the Tron Mountain.

Anthar Kriya Yogam (spiritual Retreat) will be conducted culminating with yagna fire ceremony and Beja mantra Upadesam. People should write 5008-times “Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum” to receive Babaji Beeja Mantra, and 1008-times to receive Krishna or Siva mantra.This a unique and intense experience in which You will learn to live, eat, and worship together in accordance with Kriya Babaji’s wishes with five times a day sadhana.  All glory to the master –Kriya Babaji Nagaraj. Non-Initiated people willing to attend should get initiation first before leaving for Oslo, Norway.