Yogi SAA Ramaiah, our Guru & Direct disciple of Babaji & UKBYS

Yogi SAA Ramaiah: 

Our Guru Yogi S.A.A Ramaiah, was trained by Babaji for 12 years before granting him permission to initiate others. ,  direct disciple of Babaji was born into an Aristocratic family in South India belonging to the Nadduk-koddai-Nagarathu-Chettiar caste. His father owned aero-planes and an airport. Yogiar is the only son for SAA Ramaiah chettiar also known as Raja Annamalai chettiar. Raja means king. A vast area owned by his father even today is called Raja Annamalai Puram in Mandaivelli, (Madras-28), Chennai. Yogiar, who, whilst in his early twenties was miraculously cured of bone TB by Kriya Babaji dedicated his whole life to Master Babaji and the dissemination of Kriya Yoga to all sincere seekers.  


Universal kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam (UKBYS)

UKBYS was founded by YOGI RAM SUNTHAR in December 2006 to promote the scientific art of Yoga & Health through precept, writings, books, lectures, research, service, pilgrimage, sadhana (yoga practice) & yoga classes etc., for the instruction and diffusion of useful knowledge, scientific and mystic, following the footstep of Kriya Babaji & the 18-siddhas tradition. 
Kriya yoga is a way of life and encourages simple living in tune with nature with high ideals;leading to God realisation and liberation from the cycle of birth and death culminating in Soruba Samadhi or golden light Samadhi which is the total transformation of the physical, vital, mental and intellectual and spiritual bodies.

KRIYA kundalini YOGA is a series of scientific practical techniques, which assists the practitioner to realize his potential and to tap the latent sources of inspiration and higher states of consciousness. 

All aspirants will be taught the following:
1. Kriya Hatha Yoga Aasanas (postures of relaxation)
2. Kundalini Pranayam ( Scientific art of Yogic Breathing)
3. Dhyana Yoga (Meditation)
4.Mantra Yoga (Chanting Moola and Beeja Mantras)
5.Bakthi Yoga (practice of Devotion and Bhajans)

KRIYA YOGA practitioners are also trained in Yogic Diet, the study of the Holy Scriptures of the 18 Yoga Siddhas, inter-religious harmony, world peace and environmental protection.

May Kriya Babaji lead us all to Soruba Samadhi through the Five-Fold path of Siva Yoga Siddhantham